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We have all driven down those long dark stretches of Highway 31 or State Road 82 (Insert your local HWY here) at night in less than perfect conditions. Sometimes it is raining, or foggy- or even an alligator crossing the road. It is times like these that drove Jesse Morgan a security professional of 30+ years to invent his life saving tool - The Extractor

Turned upside down after a head on collision, Jesse found himself in a precarious situation. He was upside down, injured and he had no way out of his vehicle which could have caught on fire at any moment. He struggled. The seat belt was locked. The door would not open. The window would not roll down. Jesse’s life flashed before his eyes. What would his wife, his daughter and his son do without him to lead the household? How would THEY survive? Jesse was at a loss for answers and feared the worst. Jesse knew he was going to die in that accident.

Luckily for Jesse, and the rest of us, someone else came along and rescued him from certain death. It was at that moment that he knew he needed something to prevent this from ever happening to him, his wife, his children or anyone ever again.

The Extractor, life saving tool was born out of necessity. This car accident survival tool is designed specifically so no person has to feel how Jesse did at that moment. Easily stored over the visor, it is right where you need it - when you need it. Of course, you don’t need it… until you do! Make sure it’s there. Grab, cut, smash and LIVE! Don’t be on the wrong side of statistics.

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