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As a former bodyguard, I always carried sometype of a resqme tool or a seatbelt cutter & window breaker on at all times. Car escape tool survive, what do you have?

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J.P. Morgan, a safety and security expert in Southwest Florida has published a new book! This book will give you the hard facts about Distracted Driving, and what you can do to help reduce your infractions, as well as those of other drivers.

With over 100 hard facts about distracted driving, J.P. Morgan's hope is to save as many lives as possible. By bringing awareness to the fact that Texting and Driving is SIX times more likely to cause an accident, than Drinking and Driving, this book hammers in the horrible possibilities of what happens when we take these things for granted.

Targeted towards newer or more troubled drivers, there is also a quiz AND a Parent/Student Safety Contract to help add that one extra layer of understanding and protection. If you are a parent with a teen driver... YOU WANT THIS BOOK. With less than 80 pages, this easy to read and understand Safety Guide, might just save YOUR life, or the life of those you love. Get a FREE eBook for a LIMITED TIME...

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Pre-order your copy of J.P. Morgan's new book "A Safety & Survival Guide for Automobile Owners." This easy to read guide was inspired by his own near death car accident experience and offers insight into emergency situations that we don't think about every day. These tips and tricks could save your life, or the life of one you love in a car accident. Don't be on the wrong end of statistics. Have an exit strategy for your automobile and be ready for even the most perilous situations.

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